Life is Mobile

We believe that shopping can be done more pleasantly than queuing in long lines or hurrying up to reach a shop on time before it closes. Therefore we've developed a smartphone shop firstly for ourselves.

We help businesses to expand their trade...



Project aim is to create online personal health records for every human want to have it online 7/24 and share with doctors or relatives. Personal records, personal supplements, personal care.



Ever tried to search google for business partner? We know how it's hard.

Global business search portal. Deals, tenders, reviews. Social CRM coming soon.

„Social media marketing can do amazing things for small businesses, but only if it is utilized properly. Whether you like it...


Place I Live - website which combines relevant, objective and systematic information about the quality of homes (description about property, crime data, distances to important locations, ratings of the schools, taxes and fees, real estate transactions, etc.) and tools to manage it. ...