Ivija - 360 degree feedback automated system

360 feedback tool for HR

Ivija is a software suite that can help your company to manage HR activities such as assessments and appraisals. So far it consists of:


Ivija360 is a software for HR consultants to organize 360 degree employers competency feedback easily and efficiently.

Online 360 degree feedback is designed to help individuals and organisations to improve their skills and overall performance. It can also be used as a means of tracking performance improvement.

Use any competencies, behaviours, ratings and narrative in this flexible system. The system can also be used as a cost effective way to define competencies and behaviours that are most important for successful managers in your organization.


Ivija360+ is a tool for managing yearly 360 degree feedback and tracking development objectives. All benefits of Ivija360 system are integrated allowing users to review aims and development plans from the previous year, review current performance, set new aims and development plans and carry interim reviews out as required.


Carry out quick and easy online surveys to evaluate training and development programmes, change initiatives, do customer and staff satisfaction questionnaires and so on. Real-time results available throughout the survey on a customised secure web page.


The IvijaTeam online system provides a team with feedback about its performance within the organisation. Team members can compare their own views about the team's performance with those of other teams that either work with them directly, or come into contact with as internal/external colleagues, customers or suppliers. The IvijaTeam feedback report will show strengths and development areas and a development action plan can be agreed to improve team performance.

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