Customs software development by aCoobe

aCoobe provides custom software development using latest and modern IT tools. We code precisely using Python/Django and can build anything you want from Facebook2 to Ebay2. Hire us full Team or pay per hours, scrum or choose fixed pricing model.

How we started

A modern team of challenge-driven IT experts, known as aCoobe, was formed as a response to customers looking for professionals who understood fundamental business processes and were able to optimise them effectively using the latest IT tools.

Business is like the Rubik’s Cube made of different activities such as sales, marketing, finances, customer relationship, stock management, logistics, personnel management, etc. aCoobe team makes sure that all parts of your business are integrated, and the exchange of information among employees from different fields is fast and easy, thereby ensuring that the company receives the maximum return on investment (ROI) from the modern IT technology.

Why aCoobe is different

First of all, it’s our attitude. The result pursued by our customer, not the programming language or the IT solution selected comes first. aCoobe team easily integrates its solutions as well as solutions of others into the effective totality.

The experience received from implementing projects in various business areas allows us talking in the customer and business language. We focus on long-term cooperation rather than on one-off projects. That is why we perform even the smallest job with due care, using the knowledge of our team and the best IT practices.

aCoobe has a number of multifunctional teams those specialize creating solutions using different technologies and programming languages. We have teams those develop solutions using Python, Ruby, PHP as well as teams specializing on  C# and Java.

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