Time doesn’t run, it expands

2013-04-01, @BalticForge

Time doesn’t run, it expands

Professors of Physics from Vilnius University Arunas Domaskas. and Audrius Gulbinskas during their experiments discovered that time doesn’t run, it actually expands. According to Arunas Domaskas time didn’t exist in...

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Agile and weddings?

2013-01-23, Vaidas Adomauskas

Over the last year that has just ended, I had to present Agile project management and conduct training to non-IT people. Agile project management interested members of the Lithuanian Association of Engineering Industry, ISM Manager Master‘s degree program students and...

Information disappearing

2012-12-12, @BalticForge

Probably all of us at least once met the “palm on the face” worthy situation having some first importance internet links or other web resources disappear before finishing using it. “Deleted”, “moved” or “not available anymore” - some of those...