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Your number one travel assistant

ECOPARCEL – your number one travel assistant          

Probably many travelers had faced serious difficulties carrying their things that not suits into one bag at least once. Others struggled only trying to send their luggage as confiding the property to the service you don’t know which is plus quite expensive is at least not smart. Most likely because of that it became popular to start using the parcel services which delivers goods from one part of the world to another in short time. This thing pays from as many positions as possible: use parcel service when you take a cheap flight where carrying huge luggage is not allowed and send your goods separately from yourself, if you want to send some large shipment without traveling together this service will also be perfect. However no matter the comfort and speed, most of the parcel services are still very expensive and, unfortunately, unreliable.

         Every parcel service has their prices set depending on the weight of the exact luggage, destination etc. and they vary quite much, usually having air parcel service as the most expensive, ironically – the most popular so far too. No matter the popularity of air parcel it is still not as flexible and good as it should be for its pricing and it has many disadvantages that everyone should weigh before giving their bags to be flown. When we talk about air parcel situation in Europe it must be mentioned that here exists many restrioctions and limits, as the limit of 20 kg for one shipment piece and after that the price rise a lot, then again intercontinental shipping sets even higher pricing rates when you exceed their set limits it is likely to be asked to pay some extra 100$ or 200$. That’s not all, as because of some gaps between worlds air regulations you can even stuck with your heavy luggage in between two countries, e.g. USA lets you fly carrying 77 lbs luggage but when you enter Frankfurt it accepts only 44 lbs which means that you will need to pay some extra money absolutely for nothing. Such instability of the system forces to look for parcel alternatives and there definitely is one - ECOPARCEL.

         ECOPARCEL is a company located in Holland offering best booking deals of various delivery services in the whole Europe. This company has nothing to do with air parcels as all it does is transporting people’s luggage by trucks. In this case ECO stands for two things - ecology and economy and this is probably fair enough to admit as this parcel type is significantly cheaper and less harmful for our environment than plane parcels.  ECOPARCEL is some unique service type: it collects the very best parcel deals from the whole world and serves them to clients in one place. All the deals are being constantly uploaded to ECOPARCEL database by its partners. The scheme is simple – once ECOPARCEL user wants to send his parcel, the system offers him the best price from the list according to the referred delivery data. For example, sending your 50 kg parcel from France to United Kingdom will cost you 40 euro and take up to 120 hours.  Compare to some 500 euro if paying 10 Euro per kilo baggage excess fee. ECOPARCEL covers all Europe countries and the luggage takes usually only 2-5 days to come to your door, so as you already see this service is as cheap as fast.

With ECOPARCEL you will be able to send shipments from 1 kg up to 10.000 kg. No matter that it is cheap, it‘s still comfortable to the fullest, as you will get your goods delivered straight to your door. If you changed your mind and if the order is still not picked up you can cancel your parcel and get your money back. ECOPARCEL delivers most of the goods, but there are however some exceptions they can‘t transport and they are as follows: food or liquids, dangerous, flammable or fragile things, drugs and animals.

CEO of the “Ecoparcel Group” Andrius Balkunas says: “Our customers are small companies and individuals who want to save their money. We have offered them really good conditions, such conditions that other logistic companies have never offered before”. ECOPARCEL’s usual clients are small or average business owners, students and any other practical persons who clearly know how to save money, but not quality. Main ECOPARCEL’s working tool is its web based system, which is totally flexible for users and for business partners too. Being a user one can register for free and find the very best prices of the parcels all around Europe, create delivery templates for their comfort and future plans, track their transportation processes and even collect all the orders history with detail information. If you are EUROPARCEL’s business partner you will be rewarded with flexible payment methods, new customers and offers, opportunity to edit your price lists wherever you want and much more – for free. As it is web solution it works 24/7, so you can book parcels absolutely anytime as much as for the partners making their actions when they need it.

ECOPARCEL is flexible, cheap and reliable way to carry your goods from country to country. This can be seen going through “Facebook” comments of its satisfied clients. “This project is some win-win situation, for us as a logistic company as much as for our customers” says Andrius Balkunas.



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