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Would you sell your contact?

Would you sell your contact?

This is me, you, he, she and probably even it that are definitely to find in the huge global mess of the worldwide networking websites. Started as the teenage cult it now appears to be usual form of communicating and dealing things for most of the matured modern people. It’s “Facebook”,  “Twitter”, “LinkedIn” and other names that people of today just couldn’t not to know. For some it’s only a fun way of time spending, meeting others or contacts exchanging, but for others however, it grows to something bigger and much more useful.

Social network sites are worth mentioning when it more or less comes to business and its processes - Business networks are those to be stressed. This is business who traditionally been exchanging contacts and useful information between its units, so that it would be easier to make a deal or projects together. Today, in the age of total modernization, business itself is not an exclusion to be taking advantages that free nature of the Internet gives and it seems to be using them twice as much than it was possible back in the days. Freedom to rapidly and easily communicate spreading your word is the very main reason of networking’s popularity. We have majority of the companies that owns their internet-home in the social networks or elsewhere in the global net. This is some part of the socioeconomic activities that business is up to now. Some of the social networks totally transformed into fully professionals-oriented social networks niche that already allows you to catch the professional of one or another exact sphere without long accounts filtering. Saying this we refer to such business oriented social networks like “LinkedIn”, “Biznik” etc. It’s from business to business and it is based on the two sided will to share and communicate the accumulated knowledge. We call it business networking and it’s nothing else than usual needs of entrepreneurs and business newcomers that form the demand of such business networking places. Having as many contacts as possible pays not only if you are in a search for pen-pal friends, but this is absolutely not that silly if we look from the entrepreneur’s position too. In this case having the quantity we are able to get the quality in the easier way or simply talking - more possibilities and results as the businessman or a business owner.

New generation of businessmen already understood the pure value of accumulating various business contacts as they can be later used in making successful business. And really, today’s business activities are all about the contacts, all about the variety of them, specifics and possible things they can do for you, all in all it’s about promoting our actions and developing the relationship between different business units. There are tons of ways to collect the useful contact information that can be later used for your goods: you collaborate with your new partner, providing children’s clothes to the shopping centers as an example, you get all the possible knowledge from him, figure out what he is able to do, what ways he can show you and how many investors he possibly have, so you add this person to your business social networks account and get better possibility to improve your own business by contacting new possible players after all. If you are, e.g. a member of “LinkedIn” - having hundreds or thousands of contacts in your account means winning most of the times, because you yourself or another person with huge contacts list is the key to your possible business luck being able to present you to your potential clients, partners, dealers and the whole bunch of usual attributes of full-fledged tomorrow business. In other words you do have powers to go further if you know where to address. It’s again social business networks that empowers businessmen to do this faster and more efficient than doing this in a slow physical way.

We all know that the information itself is the most expensive thing one can ever hold. And we are not alone to think that as there are millions of open minded people worldwide who share the same opinion, hence as the result we can now become a part of following business oriented networking sites, like: “Cofoundr”, “E.Factor”. “Ecademy”, “Enterpreneur connect”, “Fast Pitch”, “Focus”, “JASEzone”, “LinkedIn”, “Networking for Professionals”, “Partner Up”, “Xing”, “Ziggs” and tens of others. Most of such business networking sites are free to join, easy to use and made for connection of investors, entrepreneurs, business experts and newcomers that are initially bad enough in finding their place in the global gold-mine of business. Such sites perfectly meet the needs of every start-upper or in other words it definitely serves as great business involvement and supply mechanism in the first business creating stages.

Are we true calling the social business networking’s contact sharing a possible “win-win” business model? We probably are, since it would not only be the business who wins in this situation, but it would be the money motivation for the one who owns the contact network to keep and expand it in order to get paid for sharing those particular contacts. Let’s say you are looking for ways to contact Steve Ballmer (CEO, Microsoft) to ask him to be your business partner, so you head to the person with a massive database of business owners contacts, (who is likely to be “sitting” in your “LinkedIn” friends list), pay him some round sum of money and get a chance to be lead to his door. It’s not that we should already call this thing a Business, but it is definitely some still unimproved branch of it and one would be probably right seeing the future of this phenomenon. So the main reason for such business networks to exist is business activity and its development all in all. In this case we see a lot of possible “interest-run” connections that such business way of communicating could be based on, including: “company – client”, “company – company”, “client – client”, “company – investor”, “company – partner” and many more. And yes, its use for both sides that motivates. In order to be paying such “business model” doesn’t require any specifically difficult working scheme as the only way to go is to buy and sell the contact information or lead together the persons one need. It’s the business nature to be in a constant sharing, search and exchange of contacts and information, but such processes can now get more progressive as social networking is here to help.

Business networking is the whole new way of thinking and acting, new sources of possibilities for both the networking person and the one who is in a search. It’s us who set the trends and rules that we later on live by, so it’s us again who must be sure that those trends will pay us back giving what we want and need from usual everyday things. 

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