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User experience research – Idea Code

User experience research – Idea Code

It’s up to company’s users whether you survive or disappear from the market at all. Satisfied ones won’t ever change their traditions and you are likely to be their favorite service provider or production manufacturer. Get to know your users – it will let you exist.

Knowing your user is essential

How do we manage user needs? Why do we need that at all? Many of the similar questions appear just as we start thinking about our business activities and its productivity, that we definitely want to have risen. User experience research (UX) is one of the first things every modern thinking company should take into account. In most of the terms UX stands for the way a person is feeling about using a particular product, service or a system and it’s dynamics, requiring constant attention and work to be done to ensure user’s satisfaction to the fullest. Looking broader, it’s nothing else than the versatile optimization of the processes and adaptability of the exact system to work straight for every users comfort. Since our users are highly fastidious, they won’t ever wait and suffer bad service or product. Luck, in this case, include all about knowing your user, understanding his needs and constantly tracking his experience and opinions formed after using the particular product or a service. Most of the companies, in order to evaluate user satisfaction, use benchmarks or surveys, others – more complex researches, that include heuristic evaluation, contextual analysis and more. Most of them suits, however if you do think that there is no need doing it – you are free to think twice, until you find yourself sitting in your rival’s rearview.

Company providing code to the ideas

 Idea and Code are two words which usually promise a lot when heard. When we put them together we get a name of the company working on developing this first importance factors for many of human activity spheres – user experience (UX). The Lithuania-based company Idea Code is one of the very few to be able to provide your business with high quality user related researches, including usability inspection and testing, competitive usability testing, expert evaluations, other various user researches and much more. Idea Code is about product’s or system’s usability’s improvement and user interface designing, as those parts of the whole are significantly vital for user’s decision to use or not the service or product again. This is one of the very few firms around to offer you individualized information structures or navigation paths within the website or a particular IT system to help users in information finding or tasks performing much faster and easier. So if your website’s or product’s audience is not very specialized, or, let’s say, you would like to discover issues about your company or it’s website, that require more in depth research, this company is here to help. Even more, you might need some specific software application to meet general usability standards and customer needs or you simply want to improve your portal’s functionality and interface, don’t worry, Idea Code skilful and experienced specialists will make it happen too.

Professionalism and respect to the details

Company’s experts work by the user-centered principles, which ensure highest attention to every details of the development of any user interface. Idea Code experts try everything to be as simple as it can possibly get, no matter the complex nature of one or another system or product, they put pure efficiency to the front, which guarantees that every suggestion made by them will be reasonable and every new creation they will do – paying. We are all afraid of being fooled by the different charlatans, especially when it comes to the things we are new to. Professionalism expressed by academic research, practical experience and constant learning is what keeps you and your money safe when going through the changes using new to you services. Idea Code is one of those sharing the same professional principles and innovative point of view to business, marketing, informational technologies, or journalism and psychology. Idea Code clients value that, and so it makes the firm having such leaders of the particular markets like “TEO”, “Swedbank”, “Omnitel”, “Telia Sonera” or “European Office Systems” to be in their happy client list. Firm’s CEO R. Norkutė is happy by the growing interest in Idea Code service: “When we started providing usability services in 2006, customer requests were mostly simple usability reviews and user testing. However market needs are growing, we are now often discussing complex UX concepts, customer journey design and innovative research methods with our customers. So our growing work always stays dynamic and interesting.”

We are never sure about how the business and its trends will develop and what directions it will take, but there is one thing not to change for long – company’s tight user-dependence. In every single step of the changes, business will be required to constantly gather the information about who, when, why and how is to stay around and what needs to be done in order to survive. In this situation, user experience monitoring and its constant development will stay one of the top factors for every successful business.

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