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Time doesn’t run, it expands

Time doesn’t run, it expands

Professors of Physics from Vilnius University Arunas Domaskas. and Audrius Gulbinskas during their experiments discovered that time doesn’t run, it actually expands. According to Arunas Domaskas time didn’t exist in the beginning, before the Big Bang, and since the known universe started expanding, time expanded with it. This explains many consequences of the understanding of the universe or even life evolution. Contradictory facts place the appearance of life in different time periods and this can explain a lot, as well as make us review main theories, - sais professor Audrius Gulbinskas.

Human consciousness is made up of desultory details, images and only time combines them into a continuum thus creating an illusion of time. Did you ever notice that dreams don’t have time? Did you think about it? This shows that time is an illusion. Our dreams are made up of desultory details or images and there’s no logic continuity – comments Arunas Domaskas.

If the expansion of our universe accelerates as is scientifically known today, this could influence time and, what’s more interesting, us – humans. How will at an accelerating speed expanding time look to us?  What processes will this change in our conceived reality? Does human life span is getting longer because of achievements in medicine or is it just the expanding time? Maybe slow, long and boring existence awaits human in the far-away future? Many of these questions still need answers and, paradoxically, most of them will be answered by time. 


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