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Paysera and „WoraPay“ partnership expands payment possibilities

Paysera and „WoraPay“ partnership expands payment possibilities

The EVP International company, administering the universal payment platform Paysera, and the company WoraPay entered into a partnership agreement. Under this agreement Paysera system's users will be able to pay with the help of a smart phone directly from their Paysera account in all the restaurants and catering establishments, where the WoraPay system is installed. 

'We planned to allow our users to pay for goods and services in physical points of sale for a long time. WoraPay, who have already achieved impressive results, first suggested a solution beneficial to all', says Kostas Noreika, general manager of the EVP International.

The users of this platform will be able to pay with the money available on the account, after they install Paysera application in a smart phone. This mobile wallet will allow them to scan the QR code on the table, according to which a bill will be formed, and pay at once.

'A client doesn't have to wait for a bill, it decreases the waiters' workload, and no receipts are needed. And it will be the cheapest payment method for a retailer, - says Aurimas Bakas, general manager of the WoraPay.

According to him, with the help of the mobile wallet one will be able to pay for a lunch or dinner in just 10 seconds instead of waiting 15 or more minutes.

The mobile wallet Paysera linked to the Paysera platform is being finished and will be launched in the middle of October. Till the following year, one will be able to pay with the wallet in approximately 300 catering establishments (altogether – more than 1000 tables) all over Lithuania, and also for goods in a petrol station network. Soon, the network of restaurants, where the WoraPay system is installed, will expand in Latvia and Estonia.

'For us – it is a one more advantage, because Paysera system is actively expanding in neighbouring countries, says Noreika.

At this moment, Paysera platform has more than 90 000 users. This platform provides much cheaper international transfers than through banks, allows to transfer currency at the best rates and buy online safe and fast. Seller are provided with favourable conditions to collect payments, and individual payment solutions are applied to each one of them.   


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