2013-12-06, Paysera

Paysera Mobile Wallet

 Mobile Wallet With Capabilities to Pay by Location Launched

International payment platform Paysera launched its mobile wallet with capabilities to pay via mobile phone number, email or even a location.

„Mobile payments are our routine. We are expanding opportunities of such payments even more, because we believe that there will be no leather or any other usual wallets in the future – a smart device will be enough. For this way you can pay faster, safer and more conveniently than in cash”, – says Kostas Noreika, managing director of „EVP International“, company that runs Paysera.

 So far, free Paysera application is developed for mobile devices with „Android“ and iOS operating systems. It is linked not to mobile network operators, but to Paysera payment platform. This application allows to send and receive money to a Paysera account, pay at physical points of sale, replenish your account and check balance.

A unique feature of Paysera application is the possibility to pay anyone nearby, even when you do not know their telephone number or email. 

Another unique feature – password protected transfers. The recipient will be able to accept money only if s/he knows and enters the password, created by the sender. This way, the sender will be able to tell the recipient the password only after the deal is completed.

A possibility to pay with a mobile device by a unique QR or bar code generated at physical points of sale is also installed in Paysera application.

„This payment method is useful for both the buyer and the seller. The buyer does not have to carry additional payment methods, such as cards, and waste time, for example, in a restaurant waiting for a waiter. The seller, at the same moment, avoids substantial payment card administration fees”, –  says Mr Noreika.

Payments at physical points of sale service is currently provided by Paysera together with „WoraPay“ system.

Soon, under a similar technology, it will be possible to cash out from Paysera account with the help of a mobile phone. Nearest cash out locations will also be displayed by Paysera application.

The application is available at App Store and Google Play.

At the moment, the Paysera system has more than 90 thousand users. This universal payment platform allows significantly cheaper transfers all over the world than via banks. Sellers are provided special gateway services – from internet shop widgets to individual solutions at physical points.



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