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New Qmail outfit

We were pleasantly surprised by Qmail updates. We‘ve noticed that the old version annoyed our users a little, so Qmail team changed the functionality 100%. The new JavaScript version surprises with its pleasant appearance, everything works smoothly and beautifully. New windows open and close dynamically, notifications don‘t pop-up right in your eyes and search is considerably quicker. For those not familiar with Qmail – it’s a free email skin from Qweekee.com, designed to make communication in hierarchic or flat-type structures more effective when tasks or questions have to be delegated to responsible personnel. The consumer can use Qmail instead of Outlook and it’ll work as a standard email program, but with additional features and expanded functionality. 


Qmail has three main groups:

ToDo – standard Inbox function where all your emails go.

Follow up – a list of questions or tasks presented to your colleagues, but still unanswered or to be done.

History – history of all communication with Live-type search. Because of this search type, it’s unnecessary to have folders, as any message can be found by typing in the sought text.

The user can write 3 types of messages:

Memo – standard email message

Question – a question received by another user that goes straight to one’s ToDo (Inbox) tab and has to be answered, as it can’t be deleted any other way, but by Replying it. 

Task – a task received by another user that goes straight to one’s ToDo (Inbox) and has to be completed, as it can’t be deleted any other way, but by clicking Done. The task’s initiator has to confirm that the task is done correctly by clicking the Complete button.

There are also such “Nice to have” functions as delay of the incoming message for 1, 3 or 7 days if you don’t want to or have no time to complete the task right away – it’ll only appear in your ToDo (Inbox) only at the set time by a click of a button. You can name your “project” when creating a Memo and communicate in groups on a particular project. The project icon appears in your address book as a separate group. There’s also a reminder function that reminds your colleague from the Follow up list about an unanswered email.

So, another instrument to increase productivity is presented for your evaluation. Please feel free to write your feedback to the creators, so we can further improve Qmail.

You can register at www.Qwekee.com where you’ll find the Qmail tab on the top right hand.

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