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Customer Churn rate – it’s all about customer service

Customer Churn rate – it’s all about customer service

Your business has no promised tomorrow without loyal customers no matter if you are a programmer or a real estate company owner. Paying attention to every costumers needs is one of the most essential activities that you must constantly run in order to keep people around you.


Globally, taking 16 largest economies, failure in customer support costs 338 billion dollars annually and even 80% of Americans stops doing business with a company because of its bad customer service experience!  Most of the companies suffer from their high churn rate and usually the main reason for that is too little attention for the customer. Avoid having your clients discontinuing a service or employees leaving their working places through giving the best tools possible for letting you know what’s wrong.


HelpDome” - make your business productivity doubled. First released in 2011 by the innovative “aCoobe” collective it’s one of the most flexible virtual help desk programs so far. “aCoobe“ CEO M. Banaitis said: „We were looking for a system to fit our own needs, but all the Help Desk tools that we then found were either old or expensive and really complex to use. We all know that small or average company, that still doens‘t have stable customer support rules need something extra simple, so we created this free and easy tool to achieve more efficient support for customers“. “HelpDome” understands that fast and high-quality attention to the client is directly proportional to their satisfaction and then again to your business sustainability. Statistically customers prefer getting support through three main possible ways: phone (79%), e-mail (33%) and web service help (19%). “HelpDome” itself includes all those types of customer support in one place. Being absolutely free for everyone makes it unique between its competitors like “VanillaDesk”, “H2desk” or others that asks you to pay.


HelpDome” – totally compatible with all PC platforms, because of its web-based nature it can work on Windows, Linux OS or Mac, no matter which of the newest browsers you use. It also doesn’t require any servers for the client subscriptions to be sent so you don’t need to worry searching for a place to host it in. Our product gives you the possibility to categorize different ticket types, add them to the groups and edit whenever you want which is very useful getting thousands of different reports.


HelpDome” offers you significantly improved clients support: you’ll be sure to have every single customer request collected and structured right by your hand plus you’ll be able to have the feature of instant automatic feedback which is likely to be loved by your customers. Full client issues history is another thing that our competitors like “iHelpDesk” or other don’t have. Your clients will have a possibility to report any ticket through “HelpDome” form as much as through the e-mail letter which would settle down in one or another category. Powerful report engine of “HelpDome” can offer you displaying graphically illustrated results and exporting them to MS Excel so you could easily navigate through all of the information. Some other advantages that “HelpDome” rivals doesn’t have is possibility to create and collect efficiency reports, which is a very useful feature when you compare your today’s results with the past, more over using our help desk service you will be able to control your workload. Beautiful and tasteful web based working interface ensures you to access the system comfortably whenever and wherever you want, this feature gives you total independence and you don’t need to care about using “HelpDome” in another computer – it works totally everywhere ! This makes the service super flexible and suitable for any progressive business which doesn’t confine itself within one workplace.


Comprehending “HelpDome” user interface and working scheme is totally easy: You create your free account at Helpdome.com once your client is unhappy about something or wants to make an offer he sends a report through e-mail or the form found in Helpdome.comà report is being immediately exported to the account you’ve created, where customer service agents review them again and gives it to the responsible employee of your company with the detailed information about what and when needs to be done. Customers may track all the ongoing processes through the system or get notified about actions by e-mail. Once problem is solved you get all the gathered information of it that could be helpful in making your future connections with the clients better. „We have got many great ideas from our clients that are useful for the further constant improvement of our system.“, M. Banaitis said talking about recent 1.03HelpDome” version, which offer new types of report and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) function. Are you unable to access your computer, but you must get to know about new reports? HelpDome” iPhone app will help (tickets on the go etc.). This is a nice additional feature that you can also use for free, no matter the fact that most of the paid help desks like “Tender Support” or similar can’t offer this. Enjoy the advantages of this flexible, extra functional and totally free help desk service. Try it out and make your customers feel special and heard not wasting time and money. Their satisfaction will award your business with a positive word-of-mouth and the possibility to do business with them again. 


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