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Baltic Forge – expanding the borders

“Baltic Forge” – expanding the borders

Watching through the innovators glasses usually obligates constant pursuing of changes and activities expansion. That’s what “Baltic Forge” is going through right now.

New spaces to invade

Serving every technology lover with the freshest information and insights is our priority goal. It forces us to think about new useful updates and improvements to make on our site day to day. For months you had a possibility to be informed with the informational technology news, but there is also the demand for even more versatile science-related information felt. Here you go – “Baltic Forge” introduces three new informational segments to meet your universal interests and needs. From now on, our reader will be able to get the freshest news and insights over the innovational biological, laser, nano and definitely – informational technologies in different “infoTech”, “bioTech”, “laserTech” and “nanoTech” sections to be found in the top right corner of the website. It will again be the information about companies, products, startups and insights from every of the above mentioned science (business) spheres.

Small country with huge possibilities

This is not coming as a surprise thatLithuaniaowns a lot of strong potential in most of the high-tech spheres possible. We have already introduced you to the leaders of the Lithuanian laser industry, companies like “Brolis Semiconductors”, manufacturing long-wavelength, mid-infrared semiconductor lasers or “EKSPLA” and “LIGHT CONVERSION” which are two of the leading firms worldwide to be producing 80% of world’s parametric light generators and boosters. Lithuanian laser cluster is definitely worthy of a bright tomorrow one, however there are many firms to be presenting other science and high-technology spheres, like “Baltymas”, “Profarma”, “Fermentas” or “Sicor Biotech”, which, seeing from the last firms name, are the leaders of Lithuanian biotechnological industry. “Sicor Biotech” is the one and only company in the Middle and Eastern Europe to manufacture recombinant biopharmaceuticals, with high,USAand EU standards meeting quality. Talking about biotechnology, “Fermentas” importance to the industry is also to be mentioned. Firm is manufacturing products for life science research and diagnostics, including products for gene engineering or molecular biology having 99% of the production exported (as much as most of the other biotechnology companies inLithuania). Probably the closest to earth, yet very dynamic and complex informational technology (IT) sphere in Lithuania is again highly developed, with many of the big players around, to mention globally known “Alna”, creating and providing complex IT solutions connected with software development or customized solutions and “NFQ” or “aCoobe” that create and develop various personalized IT systems. Looking broader it is even difficult to count all of the new or mature IT companies that work inLithuania. Last, but definitely not least is a Lithuanian nanotechnology sphere and its representatives to be the part of Lithuania’s high-technology market. So far the main place where nanotechnologies are being researched and developed is “ResearchCenterfor Microsystems and Nanotechnology” at world famous “Kaunas University of Technology”. Nanotechnology-related individual companies also starts to establish, here we talk about firms like “NANOLAND Lithuania”, for production using newest global nanotechnologies like liquid glass (LG) etc. Centers for researching nanotechnologies get established in more and more of the Lithuanian universities, to mention recently in the VU (VilniusUniversity) opened “NanoTechno” center and others.

Baltic Forge – always on the pulse

Our team is always on the go to provide you with the most important facts from the technological world. Plus, as announced, we are now experiencing important changes, expanding our topic range and dividing the portal into four segments. If you are a possible investor or a student searching for some information for the report – our insights will be useful to both. Be sure to check back for new startups and Baltic high-tech tendencies in our daily insights. Follow us @BalticForge

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