42 Coffee Cups

42 Coffee Cups - a team as a service. We provide a high quality web development service using Python and Django. We are able to be on time and within budget, communicate clearly and get the job done. We do it...


Zillion Consulting

JSC Zillion Consulting is an IT company which helps small and medium businesses in building a future proof platform for creating, storing, protecting and securing IT systems. We help businesses to get the most out of their investments in IT. 

If you are looking to establish an...



MoboFree - mobile dating service, oriented to Asian and African users, with more than 2 mln. registered members.



PlaceILive.com is on the mission to invent the smart city and help 3.5B city resident from all over the world.
It is obvious that Smart Cities cannot exist without smart citizens. And smart citizens are those who employ data to make... Details

Idea Code

We are user experience research and product design company. We provide UI design services to create systems, which make user’s interaction pleasant, simple and efficient for accomplishing user goals.

We promote user interface design based on user-centered design principles. To...