Startup - revealed

2013-01-25, Nerijus Celkonas

Startup - revealed

I‘ve been watching this phenomenon that‘s pouring out of „the dream country“, USA, for some time now. It seems that startups is the new panacea in macroeconomics that‘s going to save countries‘ economies and...

Agile and weddings?

2013-01-23, Vaidas Adomauskas

Over the last year that has just ended, I had to present Agile project management and conduct training to non-IT people. Agile project management interested members of the Lithuanian Association of Engineering Industry, ISM Manager Master‘s degree program students and...

The Lean Startup

2013-01-16, Nerijus Celkonas


Most of you have probably heard about „The Lean Startup“ - a book by Eric Ries published in 2011.

For those who haven‘t heard or read it, I strongly recommend to find a copy as soon as possible, as...