Think Big

2013-03-15, Nerijus Celkonas

Up to what point Think Big is safe?

Have you ever thought what determines which people become leaders? Historians analyze outstanding personalities all the time in order to determine what makes ordinary people exceptional and embraced by the elite? Is it personal qualities,...

New Qmail outfit

2013-02-26, @BalticForge

We were pleasantly surprised by Qmail updates. We‘ve noticed that the old version annoyed our users a little, so Qmail team changed the functionality 100%. The new JavaScript version surprises with its pleasant appearance, everything works smoothly and beautifully. New windows open and...

Marketing dilemma

2013-02-20, Nerijus Čelkonas

Marketing dilemma

It‘s a long-known truth that marketing‘s goal is to present a right product at the right place for the right price and using the correct promotion activities. If we analyze every aspect separately in the light of today‘s realities, we‘ll see...

WoraPay - demo week

2013-02-06, BalticForge

WoraPay team continues to surprise us with its speed. The solution is being presented live in Vilnius, at Akropolis’ Apollo bowling cafe since last week.

“We’ve created a technological solution and still are working under “laboratory” conditions....